The TPS Unlimited API

All accounts with an active subscription are given access to our HTTPS API at no extra cost

API Benefits

There are numerous benefits to integrating the API into your own infrastructure:

  • Check Telephone numbers in real time as they are entered into your internal platforms whether that be websites, CRM platforms or third party applications.
  • Only allow non TPS registered numbers to be stored into your database of customer numbers
  • Make instant decisions on the telephone number you collect.
  • Make instant decisions on phone numbers you are marketing to by quickly checking single numbers through the API before starting any marketing campaign.
  • Check your numbers as many times as you want as we don’t charge per lookup, it’s just one fixed cost.
  • No need to log into your TPS Unlimited account as all numbers can be looked up and results returned via the API


We’ve designed the API to be as simple to use and simple to understand as possible:

  • All accounts with an active subscription are given a unique API KEY and PASSWORD that is linked to the active account.
  • The API is an https URL that can used in any browser or added to any website or application.
  • API responses have been kept minimal and clear.
  • A successful request will return just 3 fields detailing the number checked, a response code and wording to indicate if we found the number on the TPS register.