TPS Unlimited API

Fully Automated TPS Checking

Integrate the easy to use TPS API into your current services and experience seamless results directly from your own webpages or applications. Using the TPS API allows you to check a telephone number from your existing system or 3rd party connected software.

Why Use The API

Numbers inputted directly into your webforms can be checked instantly, allowing your marketing lists to be populated only by numbers not on the TPS register. Our API will work with your CRM to flag any inputted customer as on or off the TPS register instantly. Numbers are added to the TPS register every week day, don’t rely on old searches. Using our API you can regularly check your existing customer base to get real-time information regarding their TPS status.


Because we do not charge per lookup, you can check every telephone number every time you are about to contact the user and there are no incremental charges for each lookup.

Getting Started

Head over to where you’ll find all the documentation to get going with our API.