Unlimited checking against the official TPS

  • £1,000,000 insurance cover included
  • One monthly fee, no additional costs
  • Achieve higher sale conversions


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Unlimited TPS Checking

A fast reliable way of checking your numbers against
the UK TPS Register.

Updated every day of the week.

Currently there are 18.3 million registered numbers on the TPS.


Eliminate the risk of fines with TPS Unlimited

It is a legal necessity that all organisations including charities, voluntary organisations and political parties do not make marketing calls to numbers listed on the TPS.

What is TPS?

TPS stands for Telephone Preference Service which is a central database where individuals can register their UK phone number to exclude them from receiving unsolicited sales and marketing telephone calls.


Checking if the numbers in your customer database are registered on the TPS should be standard practice. TPS Unlimited makes this process fast and simple. For a minimal monthly fee you can ensure you never advertise or market to anyone registered on the TPS. Eliminating the risk of large fines and ensuring the reputation of your business remains intact.

  • £1,000,000 insurance cover included
  • One monthly fee, no additional costs
  • Achieve higher sale conversions
  • Updated every day of the week
  • Quick single checks available

We love the program and we use it here daily. It's definitely one of the easier and time saving TPS checking websites out there.

Daniel Strong

A very well-oiled machine that is well tailored to meet our needs, quick simple and very user friendly.

George Taylor

TPS Unlimited has allowed us to get an edge on our competition and ultimately go above and beyond for our clients expectations.

Hannah Williams

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